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Author:Richard Sheehan

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Sundance Diary: 2012 is a Wrap!

by Richard Sheehan on January 30, 2012


Well, another year has gone by and Sundance 2012 is over. The festival itself was very quiet the second weekend, and, for the most part, screenings that had shown up as “sold out” earlier in the week suddenly had seats available for audiences to catch up on films. Some films …

Sundance Diary: Thursday

by Richard Sheehan on January 27, 2012


It was a day that alternated between beautiful snowfall that excited all the visitors and rain that made getting around just plain annoying. Main Street was much quieter, with many of the vendors and sponsors of the festival having packed up already.

Indoors, though, it was a good day for …

Sundance Diary: Tuesday

by Richard Sheehan on January 25, 2012

Another successful panel was held in the New York Lounge this morning, hosted by Post Factory founder Alex Halpern, on the change by filmmakers using digital as opposed to film. Director Ira Sachs, whose film ” Keep the Lights On” is in dramatic competition here at the festival, moderated the …

Sundance Diary: Monday

by Richard Sheehan on January 24, 2012

HSBC & Three Point Capital hosted a meet and greet breakfast at the NY Lounge this morning, followed by a panel discussion titled “The Tax Check Cometh – The Ins &Outs of Financing the New York State Tax Credit”.
The panel was moderated by  John Hadity, Chairman of the PGA East. …

Sundance Diary: The First Weekend

by Richard Sheehan on January 24, 2012

"Keep the Lights On" star Zachary Booth & producer Lucas Joaquin.

On Friday night, we attended the worldwide premier of Ira Sachs’s film “Keep The Lights On”, which left me still thinking about it 24 hours later. It is a powerful  autobiographical drama based on Sachs’s  on a 10 …

Sundance Diary: The First 24 Hours

by Richard Sheehan on January 24, 2012

Thursday’s opening night film “Hello I Must Be Going” is a complete delight. Produced by Mary Jane Skalski, and directed with much attention to the material world of a dysfunctional wealthy Connecticut family. Lead Melanie Lynskey gives a terrific performance, as does Blythe Danner in one of  the bigger roles …

Getting Ready for Sundance

by Richard Sheehan on January 19, 2012

Well, my Delta app just reminded me to check in for tomorrow morning’s flight to Salt Lake City. My Sundance app is supposedly going to assist me in making sure all of my events and films are on my schedule, but I am sure once we get settled in Park …

Creative Financing: An Interview with Producer Cora Olson

by Richard Sheehan on May 11, 2011


 Cora Olson & Jennifer Dubin have produced four films. Their latest, THE PERFECT FAMILY, starring Kathleen Turner, was a hit at this year’s TriBeca Film Festival.


In between meetings on a rainy afternoon, Cora sat down with me at Norwood to discuss financing for independent films, and how creative producers need …