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Instructor Position: Narrative Filmmaking Production Course

The Gotham celebrates and nurtures independent film and media creators, providing career-building resources, access to industry influencers, and pathways to wider recognition. The Gotham Film and Media Institute, in collaboration with Colgate University’s Film and Media Studies New York City Study Group, welcomes applications for a position teaching an Independent Filmmaking course in the Fall semester 2023. 

Start Date: August 21, 2023

End Date: December 15, 2023

Salary: $8,000

Type: In-Person 

About Gotham EDU:

The Gotham EDU is dedicated to championing and empowering young professionals as they face the challenges of transitioning from student to industry professional. The Gotham EDU provides an engaging and collaborative environment that expands the creative and professional horizons of our participants and partnered academic communities. By prioritizing mentorship, resources, and community, Gotham EDU seeks to provide more equitable access to the Film and Media Industry for the next generation of storytellers. Details about the Film and Media Career Development Program and Gotham EDU initiatives can be found at

The Gotham EDU / Colgate University NYC Study Group:

Supporting the ever-expanding group of students majoring, minoring, or generally interested in Film & Media Studies, the NYC study group is designed to be of interest to students engaged in performing, media, and visual arts broadly. Located in New York City, the study group immerses 15 students in rich cultural and artistic scenes, offering students new opportunities and frameworks in which to engage with the arts circularly and co-circularly.

Job Responsibilities:

Narrative Filmmaking Production Course:

  • Syllabus and curriculum design
  • Assignment development and grading
  • Lead (1) three- hour class per week (15 classes total) 
  • Hold (1) one office hour per week outside of class time
  • Lead field trips and other off-site experiences 
  • Provide technical support for final screening session
  • Collaborate in tandem with Gotham Staff and Colgate faculty

Applicant Requirements 

  • MFA degree or higher 
  • Cover Letter and CV
  • Three references (names and contact information).
  • Successful candidates will have significant filmmaking experience as well as teaching experience at the college level. 

Candidates should describe in their cover letter how their teaching supports The Gotham’s commitment to creating and advancing an inclusive, diverse, and accessible community. The Gotham values these principles as core strengths and essential elements of their mission. They serve a global creative community of storytellers and The Gotham recognizes the unique talent of each country and culture. The Gotham curates an open and inclusive environment for diverse voices. The Gotham believes and is committed to the above for our entire community, which includes but is not limited to filmmakers, audio, entrepreneurs, digital artists, students, educators and those that touch the creative industry. We are working to ensure that all of our policies and associated practices are equitable.
The above requirements should be submitted to [email protected]