Gotham EDU

About the Gotham EDU

Gotham EDU is a consortium of academic communities and non-profit organizations that share The Gotham’s goal of establishing transparency relating to career progression, the necessary skills and accessible entry points needed in order to create a more diverse and equitable ecosystem within the entertainment industry. This endeavor will be accomplished by producing educational and career development programming, providing mentorship, supporting faculty through collaborative fellowship opportunities, and implementing accredited courses within academia across the country.

Program Offerings

The Gotham EDU Career Development Program

The Gotham EDU Career Development program is designed to provide students with opportunities to expand upon skills learned in the classroom and applied practically by working on independent and collaborative projects and attending workshops dedicated to honing career development and technical skills. Students also participate in master classes hosted by industry decision-makers and gain insightful perspectives from mentors during one-on-one sessions. Students conclude the program with a better understanding of the business dynamics within the industry, a set of newly identified career opportunities, and a defined voice as a creative professional. Tentative Dates for the summer 2021 program: Monday, June 7, 2021 until August 6, 2021.


For more information about our programming and how to connect your academic community to our consortium, please contact Cait Carvalho, Director of the Gotham EDU.