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Author:Oakley Anderson Moore

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IFP Distribution Lab Recap: The Final Frontier

by Oakley Anderson Moore on December 19, 2012

It had been two days since the last day of the IFP Distribution Lab – ending the yearlong 2012 IFP fellowship for 10 documentaries and 10 narrative films from first-time directors.  With two days left in New York, I found myself sitting in a small theater in Brooklyn looking nervously …

The one thing we splurged on in Post: live musicians for our score! You decide what is most important to your project...

8 Things NOT To Do in Post on Your First Feature

by Oakley Anderson Moore on July 27, 2012

There we were, my Producer Alex Reinhard and I, straight off the plane from California to LGA.  Pulling up in front of us was the M60 bus that would take us to the fabled NY subway.  Three M60’s later, we were finally able to board amidst the pushing and shoving …