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Author:Justin Ferrato

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Understanding DCP and What It Can Bring to Your Film

by Justin Ferrato on February 25, 2014

Dive in as Dolby Laboratories’ Graef Allen and theatrical booker Michael Tuckman take us on a crash course in the workings of digital cinema mastering and distribution. This presentation is NOT for the faint of heart but filmmakers with the gusto to do their research about mastering and distribution options …

The not so obvious benefits of shooting on film

by Justin Ferrato on February 18, 2014

In the age of everything digital, why do filmmakers, with all size budgets, still choose to shoot film for their productions? Is it a tribute to a technology from the past or the recognition that only film achieves the organic, emotional look necessary to propel their stories? From Star Trek …

Develop a video content strategy to build community

by Justin Ferrato on February 11, 2014

Jeremy Boxer (Creative Director of Vimeo), Ryan Koo (Director of Manchild), and Marc Schiller (CEO of BOND) discuss the success of your film can depend on how much you promote it, and promotion is a lot easier when you have things to promote. Learn about creating and circulating captivating content …

Having Confidence in Your Film’s Distribution Plan

by Justin Ferrato on January 28, 2014

Dave Grohl’s debut film, “Sound City”, was one of the best received docs at this year’s Sundance and SXSW Film Festivals. It’s also one of the better self-distribution case studies of the year—the film has topped the iTunes charts since debuting. How did they do it? And if they …

Starting an LLC. vs. a 501©(3) for Your Film: How to Do It

by Justin Ferrato on January 14, 2014

It’s all about The Benjamins, The Bucks, and The Chedda’ in this first-ever roundtable debate about the state of hybrid funding in independent film. We’ll stay focused on tax implications for crowdfunders, soft money options for producers, and the emergence of new online equity opportunities. Our lively experts will further …