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Author:Jacob Appet

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Henry Bean on Writing Dialogue

by Jacob Appet on February 1, 2013

[flv: 580 240]

Henry Bean warns against flashy dialogue.

From the 2012 Script to Screen Conference.

Alrick Brown on Breaking into the Industry

by Jacob Appet on October 10, 2012

[flv: 580 240]

Alrick Brown discusses breaking through the wall that surrounds the film industry and shedding our senses of entitlement.

Mike Knowlton on Transmedia

by Jacob Appet on September 26, 2012

[flv: 580 240]

Mike Knowlton blows our minds while redefining the concept of a “film.”

Nekisa Cooper on Financing Pariah

by Jacob Appet on September 19, 2012

[flv: 580 240]

Nekisa Cooper on being relentless about funding.

Leslye Headland on Theater vs. Film

by Jacob Appet on September 12, 2012

[flv: 580 240]

Leslye Headland on the difficulty of making the jump.

Gary Hustwit on Twitter

by Jacob Appet on September 5, 2012

[flv: 580 240]

Gary Hustwit explains how twitter can transcended self-promotion.