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Could Tugg Be For You?

by filmpresence on May 16, 2012

By Sara Kiener

I’ve been in theatrical distribution for 5 years (a short time by some standards), and have already seen the playing field shift dramatically.  5 years ago, I interned at a reputable distribution company that no longer exists. 3 years ago, I placed trailers in art house theaters that …

My Kickstarter Bat Mitzvah Situation

by filmpresence on February 16, 2012

By Sara Kiener

Not being a filmmaker has given me the luxury of not having to ask everyone I know for money… at least not since my Bat Mitzvah. I’m used to sitting on the outside of these campaigns, watching mindfully, donating when moved and sharing links when asked nicely. That …

Jump On It: Outreach During Your Festival Launch

by filmpresence on December 2, 2011

by Merrill Sterritt

When we started Film Presence, most outreach efforts were being applied to community and grassroots screenings, but not at the theatrical level.  It became clear there was a need for similar engagement around the theatrical openings of films that had tight budgets and clear audiences.  This has become …

Thoughts on Social Media in 1,400 Characters or Less

by filmpresence on November 17, 2011

By Sara Kiener

Perhaps it’s poor salesmanship or just good ol’ fashion manners, but I frequently tell filmmakers and producers that they shouldn’t be paying me to explain to them how twitter works. Recently on a call with a very kind and well intentioned producer, I found myself completely baffled that …

It’s Not Me It’s You: Personalizing Your Outreach

by filmpresence on October 13, 2011

by Merrill Sterritt

In our first installment, my Film Presence partner did a broad overview of basic outreach strategy.  For our second blog post, I’m going to focus on how to make your outreach to potential partners as targeted and personal as possible, starting in the research phase.

When you’re …

So What is Outreach, Anyway?

by filmpresence on September 1, 2011

by Sara Kiener

Outreach means different things to different people, but when Merrill Sterritt and I co-founded Film Presence in early 2010, we set out to help give form to a certain type of outreach that balances “making an impact” and boosting overall revenue. Here’s how we define it: …