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Gabriele Capolino

Director of International

Gabriele Capolino graduated at the University of Padova, Italy, in film studies in 2012 with a thesis about US independent cinema. He held a position as Film Critic and Editor for Blogo, one of the top trades in Italy, for more than 10 years: for Blogo, he was the press correspondent at International festivals such as Venice, Cannes and Berlin. He started his collaboration with The Gotham Film & Media Institute (previously IFP) in 2014, where he is currently the Director of International programming. He also worked for the Biennale College – Cinema, the micro-budget film lab of the Venice International Film Festival, during the program’s first editions, and he is now part of its selection committee. Among his work at The Gotham, Gabriele produced the first Series Lab for episodic content in the MENA region, and has a recurrent role in the production of the Gotham Awards. He has been a mentor, decision-maker and juror on various markets, labs and festivals around the globe.