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Press Releases

IFP Remembers Indie Pioneer Bingham Ray

by on January 26, 2012

The board of directors and the staff of the IFP is deeply saddened by the death of indie veteran Bingham Ray. Bingham was a stalwart champion of independent film throughout his lifetime. He was a former member of IFP’s Board of Directors and was honored with a career tribute at the 2002 Gotham Awards.

Bingham brought the independent film community together, and always reminded us of the highest standards we should pursue as filmmakers with vision. He was not only an extraordinarily passionate figure, with an encyclopedic knowledge of film, but he was a beacon of independent visions the world over.

He will be profoundly missed by all of us in the film community. Our most sincere condolences to his family, and to his extended family, which includes all of us.

Joana Vicente
Executive Director, IFP