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Gotham Week connects creators to decision makers and hosts a range of panels, workshops and networking events. Gotham Week is comprised of:


The Gotham Week (Virtual) Project Market (formerly the Project Forum) nurtures both emerging and established artists by providing creative and business opportunities to groundbreaking storytellers working in film, TV, and audio. The goal of the market is to facilitate career-spanning relationships with distributors, financiers, production companies, festival programmers, sales and talent agents, collaborators, among others for all artists participating.

Call for entries for Documentaries, Narrative Series, and Audio Series are now closed.


The Gotham Week Conference explores the art and business of 21st century storytelling. Whether stories are told through film, TV, online, or new media channels, the Conference is the premiere place to interact with experts on how to connect with audiences and use new models to expand your story‚Äôs reach and sustain a long-term career.