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Introducing IFP Z, a new tier of membership exclusively for those 25 and under.

Do you live at the movie theater? Did you start the film club at your college? Can you list the EPs for every season of your favorite show? Do you know every podcast PRX has ever produced? Can you spout off the specs for Oculus Rift vs. Oculus Go at the drop of a hat?

Our IFP community has always existed to keep folks connected, entertained, and help them get noticed. Now, as we increasingly move into the worlds of television, audio, and immersive storytelling, we also want to ensure that our community exists to support the next generation of storytellers.

Whether you moved to the city to live out your dreams of working in the writer’s room, becoming a filmmaker, producing a podcast of your very own, or working with the most cutting edge in VR technology–– IFP Z was made to support you.

Maybe you haven’t worked out what you want to do but you’ve known that the industry is your industry since the day your parents finally let you watch cable, you saw your first Bergman film, or heard your first episode of This American Life.

Whatever your inspiration, for almost forty years, IFP has helped demystify the industry and IFP Z was made specifically to help emerging creators and industry professionals with big hopes and cross-platform dreams get the access they crave and find their way.

One year of Membership • $60

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